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I've kept a journal for many years, collecting quotes that I think have a message of some sort. I have also included some of my own musings about life and music. I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful.

I also urge you to keep a journal, as it always inspires me to add something new, or use the journal to keep my own thinking positive.





Wear your mask!



I never keep score with my friends,

until I really start losing.

.....Tony Gumina


No amount of belief or insistence

makes something a fact.

.....Sandy Pringle


Chops are Chops

and Music is Music

A player can have both, however,

The goal is not to be the best,

but to give the music its own life.



Act as if what you do makes a difference.

It Does!!!



There is a difference in giving up,

and knowing when you have had enough.

.....Redbook Magazine


Forgive others,

Not because they deserve forgiveness,

but because you deserve peace.

....Jonathon Lockwood Huie


An Artist is not paid for his labor,

but rather his Vision

....James Whistler



Walk lightly (be kind to all)


Carry a big stick (know your craft)



Practice your craft one minute a day.

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So, What Do We Do Now?

We certainly don't know what the landscape will be after COVID-19. So it seems to me like a good time to improve our own playing, learn new literature, and polish the rough edges of our technique. To put it simply it is time to practice our crafts with a zeal that we may have lost.

It is also time for introspection.Time to learn the truth about ourselves and the world around us. When do we have such a chance like this free time we have now? We can worry about the future....... or plan for the future. So lets plan on how to be better musicians or artists. Lets plan so that no matter what comes after the aftermath of this pandemic we have new or stronger tools to deal with the reality to come.

For younger students, especially the ones doing home schooling I urge you to do something different if you aren't already doing it. First stay away from television, and computer games much as possible. Instead use the internet to look into the many things that may interest you. You can always get tutoring on your instrument, learn instrument repair, learn sound design, or, you can learn to build a fence, or just examine about any subject you even think you might be interested in, and there will be a video you can watch. All of that is on You Tube as well as the internet in general. That might even take you to the library to read up on one of your interests. This time of COVID-19 is a great time to invest in, or create your interests. If you don't have an interest this is the time to find one. Time goes so much faster when we are involved in something positive.

Let's talk about what is happening now and what we can do for ourselves to improve our own situation and hopefully the situation of others. Lets talk about truth and beliefs.

I am saying the following for myself......... and proffering it to you.

Almost everything we see on mass media, i.e. motion pictures, streaming events, and television is an edited event (including television news). Which means the truth has been edited to fit someones vision or to manipulate the viewer. Social media (the internet, and internet chat sites) is a lot of people giving their opinion on whatever the topic of the day is. Most always it is personal and only sometimes factual. Musical recordings are edited to make the music sound perfect, with no mistakes, perfect blend, and perfect sonic qualities. The print media is run be executives that want to see their vision of the world mirrored in their newspaper. Some actual reporting does take place but depending on the narrative one sometimes has to read in between the lines to get the truth from the statement.

People come with their own opinions partially based on early childhood teaching from their parents and opinions from those contemporaries they grow up with. Many of these learning sources must be examined to get the truth. We all have opinions, but how do we know it's the truth.

As television police inspector Jack Friday used to say..... "just the facts mam, just the facts."

So we have all these opinions based on edited events in our life, and teaching that in some cases may be faulty, but yet they may seem beautiful or even righteous. This is one of the dilemmas of our time and in some cases family history.

So it becomes really important for us to remember that much of our current influences are edited events. It is our job to see the truth through the edits.

We must learn to cast aside opinions and see the truth of our own experiences and what may be manipulating us. It seems we must experience life first hand and let our own experiences and insights be our truth. We must pay attention and always ask ourselves what we are really taking into our soul. What is the truth of any situation? That is a question we have to ask ourselves in this time of COVID-19 while we have the time to ask ourselves. We must slow down and think a little more.

There is a little problem however. It is difficult to change our habits, by depending on other peoples experience, prejudices, opinions, and edits. I have heard many times before that "learning is a painful process."

one of the Quotes I included in my journal says;

" with great pain comes great change.
If you are not ready for change,
then you are not in enough pain."

We can still enjoy frivolous things and just remember that is what they are. A respite from the truth.

We can also do things we enjoy for the sake of doing them. Relaxation time, and time to reflect is not a luxury but rather is mandatory to refresh our mind and experience new thoughts. How can we experience anything new if we are on a treadmill all the time?

Let's all remember that's why we go to "live" concerts and events, and once this terrible infection is a thing of the past, it is my hope that the live experience becomes more important than ever.

PHILANTHROPY: I have heard there are 50 million people in the United States that are hungry and have to utilize food banks. The food banks are so overwhelmed they have to ration the amount of food they give to families. So if you have a little money to spare, or a lot of money, please consider giving to a local food bank, as your help is really needed now. You will feel good that you helped a neighbor.

Until next time:

Always be happy with where you are at, while you are trying to get to where you want to be.

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