Clarinet barrels

The Vaccaro and Stevens barrels are completely handmade and tuned/voiced at least 3 times, or until we think they are everything each piece of wood can be. They are all a little different, however each has a unique personality and the pitch and color properties you expect from a completely handmade work of art. They are available in cocobolo and African black wood. They are available from 64mm to 67mm with other sizes by special order.


Clarinet Barrels from Vaccaro & Stevens WoodwindsEach clarinet barrel at Vaccaro and Stevens Woodwinds is handmade on a lathe and then hand-tuned and voiced to bring out the maximum quality of each piece of wood and to provide superior intonation and stability in the upper register and throughout the clarinet.

The lathe process goes on until the wood is well dried and holding its position. The hand tuning is done a minimum of 3 times to voice the clarinet barrel to its finest sonic beauty.

Because of our manufacturing process, we obviously do not mass produce our clarinet barrels, though we do have a stock on hand of most sizes all the time.

We will make a barrel for you personally when ordered if we do not have one of your size in stock. There will be a slight waiting period for the clarinet barrels we custom make for you.

Although our barrels work on most clarinets, talk to us about sending your clarinet so we can match specifications exactly.

Handcrafted Clarinet BarrelsClarinet barrels are generally available from 64mm to 67mm including half sizes. Other sizes are available by special request only.

We make our clarinet barrels from African black wood and cocobolo wood. Other exotic woods of your choice are available for an extra fee.

Please remember that each clarinet barrel will have its own individual personality and will play richer as it ages and as you play it. Also, each clarinet barrel will have its own "sweet spot", where it plays the best.

Finding the Sweet Spot

In testing your barrel or bell, turn it by 1/16 turns and test, listening for the position that gives you the best results, or "sweet spot". If you want to mark the barrel, bell or your clarinet, use only masking tape. Other types of tape will mark the wood and void your warranty.

Handcrafted Clarinet Barrels

Remember, these are not stock clarinet barrels that have been drilled once and left for you to play. Our clarinet barrels are custom tuned by hand during the drying process, which is to your advantage when you find the sweet spot.

Under certain circumstances, we will send you clarinet barrels to try. This is not the optimal method of trying out barrels. Every barrel is different and every clarinet is different, and you need to play as many barrels on your clarinet as possible to determine the best barrel for you. Please make an appointment to come try our barrels.

Clarinet Barrels

Clarinet Blackwood Barrel: $275
Clarinet Cocobolo Barrel: $275

These items and more are available,
please contact Mike for more information.

Please contact us directly to discuss how our clarinet barrels might benefit you or to learn more about our product line and availability of products.