Mike Vaccaro Sax and Clarinet Mouthpieces

Clarinet Mouthpieces from Mike Vaccaro Sax & Clarinet MouthpiecesAt Mike Vaccaro Sax and Clarinet Mouthpieces we sell, modify, reface, and refurbish saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. This is your opportunity to replace that shoebox of mouthpieces with one mouthpiece that will end your search.

We create professional quality custom clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces based on your playing style, reed selection, instrument- along with many other personalized factors. With this personalized approach, we, of course, will want to talk and work with you directly to meet your needs.

With our original branded sax and clarinet mouthpieces, we choose from several available mouthpiece blanks/shells – made from the finest, quality materials to make a superior professional quality mouthpiece.

Each branded mouthpiece is voiced three times.

Voicing: We work with the contour of the inside of the clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece in conjunction with the facing to create the optimal sound and response for each particular mouthpiece.


Only Professional Quality Clarinet / Saxophone Mouthpieces

If a professional player can't or won't play on a student sax or clarinet mouthpiece, what chance does a student have of playing on a student mouthpiece? We make sure our clarinet mouthpieces and saxophone mouthpieces are appropriate for the highest level of playing before they leave our shop.

If we make a branded or custom sax or clarinet mouthpiece that is easy for a student to play, it is of professional quality, and with reed adjustments as the student advances, that same mouthpiece can be used for a lifetime!

Clarinet Mouthpieces

We make or modify the following clarinet mouthpieces:

  • Bb clarinet mouthpieces
  • A clarinet mouthpieces
  • Bb bass clarinet mouthpieces
  • Eb contrabass clarinet mouthpieces
  • Bb contrabass clarinet mouthpieces.
  • We customize your Eb sopranino mouthpieces too!

Saxophone Mouthpieces

We make or modify the following saxophone mouthpieces:

  • Soprano saxophone mouthpieces
  • Alto saxophone mouthpieces
  • Tenor saxophone mouthpieces
  • Baritone saxophone mouthpieces
  • Bass saxophone mouthpieces
  • Yes, we do make some of the exotic sax mouthpieces like C saxophone mouthpieces - if you supply the blanks or we can find a reliable source

Contact Us!

To discuss your clarinet mouthpiece and/or specific saxophone mouthpiece needs, please contact us today to find out how to move forward with your order.