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Advantage Saxophone Mouthpieces:

I was reluctant when Mike Vaccaro ask me to try out his new "Advantage" saxophone mouthpiece because I had been playing my custom made jazz alto saxophone mouthpiece for 27 years and was happy with it. But after trying the "Advantage" mouthpiece, I realized what was missing from my old mouthpiece. Mike's mouthpiece had MORE of what I liked in my old mouthpiece; softer pianos, louder fortes, locked in intonation, quicker response and a fatter tone. I was amazed. This prompted me to purchase the "Advantage" tenor saxophone mouthpiece as well. I am extremely pleased with both mouthpieces! Thanks for the "Advantage" Mike!


Gary Matsuura
Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music
Chapman University
Yamaha Performing Artist

I am writing a review about all of the business we have conducted.

After doing some research on the internet for a way to improve on my clarinet, I stumbled upon your website. I was impressed by the set up of your website, with all of the information just a few clicks away.

Once I decided I was going to purchase the mouthpiece, bell, and a barrel from you, I contacted you and within hours you had responded.

Over the next few months I purchased the three accessories and was vary pleased with all of them.

Mouthpiece: I think this was my favorite of the three. It played more open, and the sound difference was exponentially better than my previous mouthpiece.

Barrel: The second item I ordered was the barrel. After some consulting we came to the conclusion of which barrel I would have. This piece made the flow of the instrument sound better, adding an overall tone improvement.

Bell: The third part I ordered was the excellently crafted bell. This one stunned me the most when it arrived due the fact that it looked amazing and it was extremely light weight. And then there was the sound improvement to the whole instrument, which was a subtle improvement but noticeably different.

Overall: You were a pleasure to work with and your products are top of the line. I am so glad I found you because I feel as though you have perfected the art of crafting Mouthpieces, bells, and barrels."

Curtis Fischer,
Detroit Symphony Orchestra Civic Musician

"Thanks Mike. The mouthpieces are great. Only problem is too many mouthpieces that play great. What's a guy to do? Take care and thanks for the great work."
~Larry Klimas
Neil Diamond, Manhattan Transfer, War

"Your mouthpieces, with their combination of science and art (along with very advanced technology), have made otherwise non-playing mouthpieces work. With a simple mouthpiece blank, Mike can add and remove material from within and make a new, beautifully working mouthpiece that can rival or better your own favorite!
~Michele Zukovsky
First Clarinet, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

"I always thought my clarinet set-ups were perfect for me, but after meeting with Mike, I found out what I had been missing for so many years. His mouthpiece creations are incredible and I would trust him to work on any of my setups because I know the results would be fabulous. The mouthpiece mystery has finally been solved!"

Playing my MV Bari Mouthpiece in St. Paul (4-14-15)

-Don Markese
Los Angeles studio musician/composer

“I thought my vintage 1965 Selmer C* was a goner after I let my nephew use it for a couple of years. The resulting scratches on the table and inside from the tip looked like he tried to clean it with a pocket knife. Not only did Mike restore its responsiveness and evenness, but it plays even better now.”
~Ann Patterson
Los Angeles freelance musician/leader, Maiden Voyage

"I had a couple of Meyer alto mouthpieces that didn't quite make it....the high notes were iffy at best....Mike spent some time with them and coaxed them both into submission and life is good again.....(and the mouthpieces work better than ever)
~jon kip
Freelance musician, Los Angeles

"I highly recommend the mouthpiece work of Mike Vaccaro. No matter what your style preference may be, Mike can make a mouthpiece or reface your existing mouthpiece to fit your needs. Mike made me a classical alto saxophone mouthpiece that has the feel and ease of control as my jazz mouthpiece, but with the necessary requirements of classical saxophone playing.

No musician can sense what a mouthpiece sounds like from a distance (from an audience perspective). Mike has an incredible ear that can detect missing tonal characteristics in a mouthpiece that prevent it from projecting and having a beautiful timbre with accurate intonation. The combination of Mike’s ear and his surgeon like ability with the tools of re-facing mouthpieces allows him to find what you need in your sound."

~Gary Matsuura
Chapman University Conservatory of Music
Saxophone, Jazz Improvisation and Lecturer in
Woodwind Pedagogy"

"First and foremost, let me say that metal mouthpiece looks beautiful. I honestly think it looks better than when I bought it new almost 20 years ago. I remember it being a little tarnished at that time probably because it had been play-tested so many times. In any event, the outcome has exceeded my expectations. I also appreciate your taking care of the tip repair. I think the mouthpiece plays the same but slightly better than I had hoped for. The tone seems slightly richer and nuanced, I think because of the new silver plating. It's a great mouthpiece and thanks for taking good care of it. "
~Manny Cairo
Phoenix, AZ
"I got tired of working so hard to play up to pitch and fussing around with a couple of notes that were always way lower than the surrounding notes of the same register. I came in to see Mike and he had me try several mouthpieces and barrels which I purchased. Wow, what I difference! The registers are lining up better and the flat pitched notes smoothed out immediately. The best clarinet set-up I've played."
~Chuck Erdahl
Marshall Academy of the Arts and
freelance professional woodwind player

Hi Mike,
I just received the mouthpiece!
Wouahhh what a great mouthpiece!
I am very happy Mike.
I will let you know how it goes for the next playing sessions!
Have a great day further and thanks again for your beautiful workJ
Best Regards


Julien Roussel

Senior Engineering Geologist

Johannesburg, South Africa.



Quality Saxophone Mouthpieces | Clarinet Mouthpieces from Mike Vaccaro Sax & Clarinet Mouthpieces

"The soprano plays really well - I think with a Hemke reed it will be even better. The clarinet piece is beautiful - that is a beautiful mouthpiece you made. Thank you for all your help - I appreciate your technical ability and you're a nice guy too. Take care."
~Mark Sheedy
"Hey, Mike. I just want to thank you again for the fantastic job you did with the mouthpieces. That bass sounds boomin' in orchestra now, and I can hit the high "A" on Eb for piece we were reading for clarinet choir. Thanks a bunch, man!"
~David Myer
College Student

"Thanks so much, I really like my new mouthpiece "
~Ann Beasley

"Mike, survived cruise, made it home and mouthpiece arrived about an hour ago. On Tuesday, election day, I am writing your name in for president. What a difference! I noticed immediately a deeper, richer sound in the low register, and I can now stand the way I sound in the upper register. "
~Sam Bonanno
St. Augustine, Florida