Policies, Procedures and Warranties

We expect payment in advance to ship our products. We do have a trial and return policy to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our products.

We have a 7-day trial period on our branded mouthpieces, from the day you receive the product. You may return our branded mouthpieces for a refund (though we would rather work with you to get the mouthpiece that you want) at any time during this 7 day period.

Should you decide to return a mouthpiece, we will add a $20 restocking fee before issuing a refund.

If we are doing custom refacing work, there is no refund available, however we will do everything possible to meet your expectations.

Our branded Sax and Clarinet mouthpieces are unconditionally guaranteed for materials and workmanship to the original owner for a period of 1 year. You are always responsible for all shipping costs to and from Mike Vaccaro Sax and Clarinet Mouthpieces.

Products that are returned damaged (scratched etc.) will not be refunded and will be returned to you.

After you have e mailed us or contacted us by telephone we will give you the cost of your item including any shipping/handling, duties, and any applicable California State taxes and generate an invoice for you.

Mike Vaccaro Sax and Clarinet Mouthpieces

Shipping and Business Address:
3540 Lemon Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807

562-424-4958 Telephone
800-449-8975 Toll Free