Life is A Gift...

The Zen of Tony Bennett

By Mike Vaccaro
(from Mike's Musings #4, our newsletter)

As part of these articles, I like to give you some thoughts that might improve your playing or the playing of your students. This mailer is about a great new book, "Life Is A  Gift.... The Zen Of Tony Bennett".

We all are helped by inspirational books. You may have read “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henry, “Effortless Mastery” by Kenny Werner, and many other books that are not notes to practice, but rather, are words to ponder. These books help our mental game by improving our playing through learning to think about music and life differently.

I have always kept a journal where I collect positive thoughts to inspire myself. I find that learning to see life through the eyes of people with different experiences is very helpful.

I am happy to say that pop icon Tony Bennett has written a great book, “Life Is A Gift,” about his career, and the lessons he learned along the way. I strongly suggest you purchase this inspirational read.

Here are a few quotes from his book:

  • “It takes ten years to learn how to walk out on stage”
  • “Choose a career that you gravitate to naturally”
  • “Do something to improve yourself every day”
  • “Instead of focusing on being number one, attempt to be one of the best”
  • “When you choose your friends realize that you are choosing your teachers”
  • “The definition of a true friend is someone that is happy for your success”
  • “It is very important to learn what to leave out, thereby emphasizing what remains”
  • “It takes years of practice to make our best work seem effortless”

These quotes are from just the first chapter, so you can imagine the amount of lessons to be learned by digesting the whole book.




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