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The first step in customizing your clarinet or sax mouthpiece is for us to have a conversation. We'll discuss what you don't like about your current mouthpiece, and then decide if working on your present mouthpiece is the best action - or if working on another one would be the most advantageous to you.

While I’ve had exceedingly good results with just phone conversations, it's best if you can physically come to Mike Vaccaro Sax & Clarinet Mouthpieces to personally go over your sax or clarinet setup.  

To create the custom clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece you're looking for, there are several steps.

I check the table to make sure it is flat. I check and or modify your facing and the window of the mouthpiece, if necessary, and make sure all measurements on each side of the window are accurate. In doing all of this, I may modify the width of the side and tip rails. I check the contour of the inside of your clarinet or sax mouthpiece and re-voice it if necessary. I then lightly polish and clean the mouthpiece before returning it to you.

Mike Vaccaro Sax & Clarinet Mouthpieces
With custom work, payment in advance is required and there are no refunds. That said, whether I am creating a custom mouthpiece for your saxophones or clarinets, I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the custom sax or clarinet mouthpiece you want, including making any adjustments you may need after trying the modifications.


Custom Mouthpieces

  • Custom Saxophone Mouthpieces (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone or bass)
  • Custom Clarinet Mouthpieces (Eb sopranino, Bb and A soprano, bass clarinet, Eb contra-alto and Bb contra-bass)

Customizing Mouthpieces

$75 per hour (1 hour minimum, consult us for an estimate)


Please contact Mike Vaccaro Sax & Clarinet Mouthpieces to discuss your needs or for information regarding my custom mouthpiece services.


“Over the last couple of decades, my tenor had gradually lost some of the notes at the bottom end. I was at the point where I'd tell composers that the range of the tenor was down to low D with an option for a C# if it was a loud passage. Mike found all the notes at the bottom end ...up in the mouthpiece. Who knew?
Mike did."
-Jon Kip
Freelance musician, Los Angeles


Mike Vaccaro Sax & Clarinet Mouthpieces