Hand Made, Hand Tuned, Hand Voiced Clarinet Barrels and Bells

We are very proud that these great professional
musicians use and endorse our barrels:

I am writing a review about all of the business we have conducted.

After doing some research on the internet for a way to improve on my
clarinet, I stumbled upon your website. I was impressed by the set up of your website, with all of the information just a few clicks away.

Once I decided I was going to purchase the mouthpiece, bell, and a
barrel from you, I contacted you and within hours you had responded.

Over the next few months I purchased the three accessories and was vary pleased with all of them.

Mouthpiece: I think this was my favorite of the three. It played more open, and the sound difference was exponentially better than my previous mouthpiece.

Barrel: The second item I ordered was the barrel. After some consulting we came to the conclusion of which barrel I would have. This piece made the flow of the instrument sound better, adding an overall tone improvement.

Bell: The third part I ordered was the excellently crafted bell. This one
stunned me the most when it arrived due the fact that it looked amazing and it was extremely light weight. And then there was the sound improvement to the whole instrument, which was a subtle improvement but noticeably different.

Overall: You were a pleasure to work with and your products are top of the line. I am so glad I found you because I feel as though you have perfected the art of crafting Mouthpieces, bells, and barrels."

~Curtis Fischer,
Detroit Symphony Orchestra Civic Musician

"Wow, what great barrels! The depth, warmth and resonance have brought my Buffets to life. One of my colleagues said, "Use that barrel all the time!" For once, I'm going to listen
to him. Bravo!"

~Diana Haskell
Associate Principal Clarinet/Eb Clarinet
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra


"Great barrel, Mike...thanks...As soon as I put it on my clarinet, everybody around me started playing more in tune...."

~ Jon Kip
Freeelance musician, Los Angeles


"I own and play on three Vaccaro/Stevens clarinet barrels. I find the tone to be rich and centered and even through all the registers. I also find the pitch to be very accurate, with little need to adjust for individual notes. I highly recommend them to any serious performer".

~ Bob Crosby
Freeelance musician, Los Angeles


"Your barrel is fabulous! I used it for all three shows today. Very centered and very stable. I only used the blackwood barrel as I plan to break in the cocobolo more slowly per your advice. Many thanks ... what a difference!" ~ Geoff Nudell
1st Clarinet, New West Symphony/ LA Freelance musician

"I use a Vaccaro & Stevens blackwood barrel on my Buffet clarinet and it's fabulous! It gives me that 'ping' in the sound that I've always been looking for and it's the only barrel I've played that has ease and consistency in all of the registers. It gives me a rich and creamy sound that's smooth like chocolate to the ears. These barrels are a 'must have' for every clarinet player."

~Don Markese
Los Angeles Studio Musician, composer


"These barrels are incredible! Smooth and amazingly even from top to bottom with a rich, warm sound. My Vaccaro/Stevens African blackwood barrel has been a huge help for me in the studio and on live performances. Thanks Mike and Bill, well done!"

~Jeff Driskill
Los Angeles freelance, jazz musician


"I have been using another aftermarket barrel for 8 years, and have been very happy with it. When Mike and Bill brought 10 barrels for me to try, I liked every one of them BETTER than the one I had been using. With great difficulty, I narrowed my choice down to one "perfect" barrel, which matches my Buffet Prestige beautifully. The sound is much bigger, but DARKER. It plays with a focused evenness from low E to double D, at all volumes."

~Rusty Higgins
Los Angeles freelance musician, owner, Long Beach Woodwinds


"After trying the Vaccaro/Stevens barrels for the first time, I was immediately impressed with the sound and feel of these products. Since purchasing three barrels, I've had the opportunity to utilize them in various live settings, including solo recitals, chamber and orchestral performances. As a result, I'm extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend them to all clarinetists.

Congratulations to Mike Vaccaro and Bill Stevens for developing an exceptional new line of clarinet barrels!"

~Clarence Padilla
Clarinet instructor, Drake University, Clarinet
Des Moines Symphony


Your clarinet barrel is wonderful. It creates a focus to the sound that really improves intonation and articulation in all registers of the clarinet.

~John Mitchell
Freeelance musician, Los Angeles


These barrels have a dark, liquid sound throughout the instrument’s range, and at all dynamic levels, and they beautifully center the tone. I’ve been using various barrels on my R-13 for years, but once my Blackwood Vaccaro & Stevens barrel went on I haven’t gone back to them. In both live and recording situations my clarinet feels wonderful with this design. And they look beautiful too!! Congratulations on a fine product that is a pleasure to play and use.

~Jay Mason
Woodwind instructor, Cal State Long Beach
L.A. freelance musician


The Vaccaro & Stevens cocobolo barrel that I recently purchased made an instant positive difference in my clarinet playing. The evenness of tone quality throughout the registers and the stable intonation, especially up high, is the sort of thing I’ve been trying to find for a long time. The barrel really helped remove that edge and buzz from my sound and allowed the richer and fuller tone qualities to come through. Hey, I’m even finding more reeds that work!

~Joe Stone
Woodwind Professor, Whittier College and
L.A. freelance musician

I got tired of working so hard to play up to pitch and fussing around with a couple of notes that were always way lower than the surrounding notes of the same register. I came in to see Mike and he had me try several mouthpieces and barrels which I purchased. Wow, what I difference! The registers are lining up better and the flat pitched notes smoothed out immediately. The best clarinet set-up I've played.

~Chuck Erdahl
Marshall Academy of the Arts and freelance
professional woodwind player