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I have kept a journal for many years, and have collected quotes that I think have a message of some sort. I have also included some of my own musings about life and music. I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful. I also urge you to keep a journal, as it always inspires me to add something new, or use the journal to keep my own thinking positive. ‌


Wear your mask! ....Mike Vaccaro

You want to die young, As late as possible. ......Liz

A Teacher cannot teach you What they don't know ......MV

Reading is to the mind, What exercise is to the body. .......Joseph Addison

Your diet is not only what you put in your body, It is what you watch, What you listen to, and the people you associate with. Always be mindful of the things you put in your body, emotionally, spiritually , and physically. .....Anon


I have a new CD. It is now released and for sale. This is the first classical CD I have come out with in a while, as I have been recording in the Jazz and Pop idioms as of late. I think you will enjoy this CD quite a lot. It features the original Chamber Music of John Scott, with a Clarinet Quintet and a Saxophone Quartet, and the music of Damon Zick with his Jazz/Classical oriented Sax Quartet. The CD is finished off with the unaccompanied A Minor Sonata of Bach (Mvt1) for flute, and also the unaccompanied Du Style by Theo Charlier, which was originally written for Trumpet, and performed on Clarinet. Visit our website While you are at the web site, check out the other CD's that are available and give them a listen, as you are bound to find a style you like.Please take a moment to peruse the rest of the website too.There are videos of various groups and reed, mouthpiece, and ligature videos, and under the article tab older versions of today's e-broadcast. Other articles in this series can be found in more articles (Click Here).

The Current News iClassical-Academy.Com

I am happy to announce that I have entered into a contract, produced 9 videos, and delivered them, on the subject of, The Business of Music, to the iClassical-Academy. I think you will be seeing my set of videos put up in the next month or less.

I want to thank Tom Zink for his outstanding video production, and his presentation advice for the videos.

iClassical-Academy is a world class teaching resource for classical music. They utilize only the finest professional classical artists as teachers (you get to watch their private lessons with outstanding students), plus they deal primarily with the solo classical literature. For me the best part is that the teachers not only advise the students, they demonstrate what they are saying. It is a new entry to high end teaching of the solo literature. You owe it to yourself to go to their website now and get acquainted with their excellent staff:

for iClassical-Academy (Click Here).

Of course return to the site again, when my videos are put up.

It is well worth your money to see what the next generation of great musicians are learning. And the fees are reasonable. If you are a serious musician, (even a jazz or pop musician) consider purchasing a lifetime membership, and as new teachers are added, you can advance your concept of classical music on a permanent basis.

. Ongoing Experiences with my Home Studio

You have heard the expression, "if it can go wrong, it will?"

Well the good news is, that despite the learning curve, I am learning the program, and getting better at it. The bad news is sometimes when I open the program it doesn't work. At all. Then I call my teacher Tom.

So more good news is my friend and world class composer, John Scott has written a suite of 14 movements called Pentatonia. And you guessed it... all of the pieces are written based on the pentatonic scale for unaccompanied clarinet. It is so artistically composed you will likely not notice it is based on a 5 note scale.He has also composed a suite of 7 pieces for solo alto saxophone. "In the Mountains"

1. Sunrise

2. In the Mountains

3. Clear Water Stream

4. In the Cave.

5. The Eagle

6. Deep Slalom

7. Sunset between Two Peaks

What a wonderful way to learn how to record single instruments.

I haven't started the saxophone suite, however Pentatonia is going so well with my equipment, I am planning to make a CD of it and I am sure "In The Mountains" will be on that recording also. Of course I will have to redo the first first few Pentatonias as the distance from the microphone is not always the same, I didn't understand the plug ins and I wasn't as careful to make them as near perfect as I could, as I was only thinking of it as a recording lesson.

The truth is recording myself daily is the best "music" lesson I have ever had. I wish I would have started recording 50 years ago. I listen to myself much more carefully now, AND I have plenty of friends, that have been doing this for many years, to advise me on the shortcomings of my recording technique.

I had a total blow up and lost all of my masters, which thankfully Tom was able to save. I have learned, or should I say, re-learned, to ALWAYS back up. ALWAYS !!!

It seems that Digital Performer likes the more stable internal drive so a rework of the system is in order. The good thing is the computer I use is dedicated to recording. So I am going to convert my internal CD drive to a Blue Ray drive for back up and will also have the digital external drive. A CD drive will be added to the hub which will give me the ability to listen to CD's on my great set up and speakers (thanks to Sweetwater and Dan Wallin) or import music in CD format.

I like learning slowly, and practicing for more perfection, so I think it will be many months before I start with the midi section of the program. I am so happy with the microphone and Motu interface as they are relatively easy to use.

I expect a problem here and there, and of course make mistakes, but it seems I am on a solid footing to improve quickly.

Until next time......

AND REMEMBER: Always be happy with where you are at, while you are trying to get to where you want to be.