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On this website you can see some of my unique woodwind products, read some articles about The Business of Music, hear my music, and watch some informative videos.

Experience Pays

For fifty years, I've done the legwork, the experimentation, I think that I've come up with some unique woodwind ideas and products.

In addition to what I manufacture, I sell products to my students and local musicians. They Include reed adjustment kits, the world's finest reeds, mouthpieces, and ligatures, and all types of accessories for the advanced as well as the student musician.

YOU benefit from MY experience.

Please take a few moments and peruse the various sections of this website to see how I may be of assistance to you. Simply choose from one of the tabs on the left side of this page. You can reach any page of this website from any other page from that table of contents.

mike vaccaro productions

Mike Vaccaro Productions was established in 1985 as a full-service music and entertainment company. We have changed along with the times, and now
specialize in music services that more represent our interests and expertise.

Established in Southern California, Mike Vaccaro Productions is guided by three basic principles: providing the highest quality products and services;attention to detail; and effective communication.

Audio and Video Tabs

These tabs are constantly updated for written articles and videos on the subject of the deportment of the music business and tips on reeds, mouthpieces, aftermarket products and other subjects of interest. There is even a section for educators with helpful ideas about teaching woodwinds.

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ADC Recordings

ADC RECORDINGS is my web page where you can listen to my recordings. They may be purchased as audio files and can be previewed with full audio files at mikevaccaro2.bandcamp.com. Or if you prefer a real CD, contact me and I will send you one adding the appropriate postage..

Mike Vaccaro

This tab tells a bit about me as a musician and music contractor. I hope you find it worth your time to review this material.


Woodwind sound is a marriage of a mouthpiece, a reed, and a ligature. Once you have an outstanding mouthpiece, next you pick a reed and a ligature to match. Our mouthpieces are made with much care, keeping in mind the type of music you play and your mouthpiece and reed history. Be sure and see the video’s and read the articles on mouthpiece set ups in the appropriate tab on the left.


Since we started as a music production company you will want to check out the appropriate tab on the left and see how we may be of service. Composers, Music Contracting, Music Copying, and a myriad of choices are available to you in the music production tab.


Most likely the only store without a listing of items in stock. Please call with your problems and questions regarding woodwinds and after-market products. Let’s talk!


Expert instruction on woodwind instruments including the clarinet, sax and flute families are available from Mike to students of all levels with a serious interest in playing an instrument. Check for availability of open spots in our schedule. AND check out my video’s and articles.


Join the party !!! Call 562-424-4958 or e-mail mike@mikevaccaro.com to get on our rather irregular broadcast and to contact Mike directly.