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mike vaccaro productions

Mike Vaccaro Productions was established in 1985 as a full-service music and entertainment company. We have changed along with the times, and now
specialize in music services that more represent our interests and expertise.

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Established in Southern California, Mike Vaccaro Productions is guided by three basic principles: providing the highest quality products and services;attention to detail; and effective communication.

Our services include: booking MIke Vaccaro for recordings and special events. Also, we book Mike as a music contractor when local musicians are required for recordings, celebrity accompaniment or Broadway shows.
Select the Music Production tab on the left and find out about our state of the art music and entertainment production services with the finest and most experienced team in the business.

You can also listen to and purchase Mike's CDs on this site.

AV Clarinets and Barrels

Our music businesses include the new AV Prestige Clarinets and Barrels. These profesional-level instruments are the finest instruments available and  have a "ping" like no other clarinet you've ever heard.

Remember: If a professional musician can’t play a student instrument how can a student?

Vaccaro and Stevens Clarinet Barrels and Bells

These barrels and bells are hand made and manufactured to the highest standards. Each barrel and bell is tuned to bring out the maxmum qualities of each piece of wood.

Handmade clarinet and sax mouthpieces by Mike Vaccaro

Woodwind sound is a marriage of a mouthpiece, a reed, and a ligature. Once you have an outstanding mouthpiece, next you pick a reed and a ligature to match. Our mouthpieces are made with much care, keeping in mind the type of music you play and your mouthpiece and reed history.